About Kilimanjaro Carriers

After hundreds of years of use, the apron has proven to be a tool for so many purposes, including farming, cooking, and wiping the tear of a child. A new use for the apron started just a few years ago. The women of Kilimanjaro are sewing aprons to bring empowerment, stability and food security to their families. And they’re doing it beautifully.

Meet the Artisans: These mamas are part of a cooperative called WAKA. Together as a team they procure materials, cut fabric pieces and assemble each apron on a community sewing machine.


Meet the Founder: The founder, Cinde Dolphin, volunteered in Tanzania in 2014. Good fortune allowed her to work with a woman’s microloan cooperative near the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Together they crafted an apron design using local kitenge fabrics.

meet the founder